Month: January 2016

Animal, Vegetable, Digital

It was a pleasure to write a blurb for Lisa Swanstrom’s award-winning new book, Animal, Vegetable, Digital (U. Alabama Press):

“Swanstrom gives us nature and technology, not nature versus technology, and as such her book is an original and important contribution to contemporary discussions of digital media and sustainability. Animal, Vegetable, Digital is a polished piece of creative exploration aimed at nudging readers toward new ways of seeing things.”

—Lisa Gitelman, author of Paper Knowledge: Toward a Media History of Documents and Always Already New: Media, History, and the Data of Culture


Animal, Vegetable, Digital offers a much-needed intervention that prompts a reexamination of two immensely popular and timely intellectual domains: digital art/culture and environmental studies. Swanstrom has produced a vital and inventive contribution that tethers together two exciting and still developing fields.”

—David Ciccoricco, author of Refiguring Minds in Narrative Media and Reading Network Fiction,6251.aspx