Month: December 2016

official unofficial end

A new collection of essays that marks the official unofficial end of postmodernism is out now in the electronic book review. The collection, edited by me, includes other current or former Otagonians in Associate Professor Jacob Edmond, Lynley Edmeades, Holly Phillips, Neil Vallelly, & Damien Gibson. Here’s my introduction:

The project arises out of the “What [in the World] was Postmodernism” Symposium held at the University of Otago in June of 2015. Brian McHale and Simon During provided the keynotes, and feature among the essays as well.

Poetics Today review

Important person says good things about my book in an important journal, which is good.

This review just out from Tony Jackson in Poetics Today:

“Any project that brings empirical-scientific ideas into the study of literature needs to do certain things well if it is going to succeed in the contested field of approaches to literature. Its imported main ideas need to be made clear in themselves; they need to be supported by adequately strong, cited support from the actual scientific research; and they need to be situated clearly in relation to the surrounding context of humanistic scholarly ideas. Close reading of the words of the text(s) needs to be at least as important, both qualitatively and quantitatively, as anything else. Ciccoricco’s Refiguring Minds does all of these things quite well. I find it to be a strong entry in the growing area of cognitive literary studies.”

Tony Jackson in Poetics Today

review times two

Great to see two new reviews of the book come out:

“Ciccoricco writes in a clear and engaging style that conveys complex ideas with ease, making this work as enjoyable to read as it is informative… Because of its deft and penetrating analyses as well as its interdisciplinary approach, this volume will prove invaluable for both the beginning scholar and the expert alike.”

—Howard Christian, REVIEW in Diegesis


“Ciccoricco continues the quiet daring of the University of Nebraska Press’ interdisciplinary Frontiers of Narrative series… [creating] models for emerging literary research at the intersection of cognitive science, phenomenology, and narrative theory.”

—David Rodriguez, REVIEW in Memory Studies Journal